Merry Christmas

Dear Clients, Partners, Friends, 2023 will always be a special year for me personally as it marks the beginning of my journey as the CEO of OPMS. This has been […]

OPMS CEO announcement

Dear Clients and Partners, I am very pleased to announce that as of 28th February 2023, Tiiu Tiisaar has been promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer at OPMS. […]

Ending The Year On A High Note…

Dear OPMS Clients, Partners, and Friends, As we wrap up the year here at OPMS, I can’t help but feel gratitude for all the experiences and opportunities we’ve had in […]

OPMS Update

Dear OPMS Clients, Partners, and Friends, I almost missed our newsletter as we have been in the thick of more development and testing.  We’ve popped our heads up long enough […]

Onshore versus Offshore – The Super User’s Perspective

Onshore versus Offshore – The Super User’s Perspective Interviewee:      Chloe Perkins, Mobilisation Coordinator, TRACE JV Broadspectrum Interviewer:      Stacey Magee, Service Delivery Coordinator, OPMS Chloe is a Super User previously from […]

Christmas Time! Lemon Myrtle and Wine!

Is it just us or have we skipped a few months?  It seems only last week I was sending out our quarterly update to everyone and now, here we are at the end of 2018.

Read our end of year newsletter to see what’s been keeping us busy at OPMS.

Coordinating Personnel for Prelude and Ichthys Projects

Gail’s wealth of knowledge and experience is obvious in the way she approaches this discussion, to most, the numbers reported on this project would be overwhelming, to Gail they are just that, numbers. 

Read on for a peek through the window of the Ichthys and Prelude projects from Gail’s perspective.