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Onsite Personnel Management System (OPMS) is a simple, flexible tool for managing staff and facilities globally. OPMS with its excellent rostering and training management capability is used widely in the resources sector. The software has evolved along with our clients' requirements, demonstrated by the broad range of modules.

Rostering Management

A visual overview of employee placements and rosters with automated compliance checks.

Managing HR

Stores employee details, and work history allowing a variety of HR functions to be performed.

Crew Changes and Travel

Interfaces with travel providers.

Payroll Data

Interfaces with payroll software.

Email and SMS

Generates emails and SMS to contact employees.

Accommodation Functions

Control and display accommodation at sites.

Producing Letters

Produces various letters on company letterhead templates.

OPMS Web Portal

Employee self service and operational interface.

Recruitment Functions

Apply detailed criteria to determine suitable candidates.

Helicopter Transfers

Automatically identifies employees for transfers.

Competency Compliance

Set training requirements for each site and ensures compliance.

Vessel Details and Rosters

Manage vessel specifications and rostered vessel work activities.


We offer a variety of services that complement the OPMS software.


We work closely with our clients to develop and improve our software to meet business requirements.


We provide a high standard of phone, email and face to face support. We really get to know our users.

User Training

We provide training and a variety of instructional materials in basic and advanced use of the OPMS software.


We use our expert knowledge to assist clients in setting up the OPMS software to ensure AMSA and STCW compliance.


We combine industry expertise, technology and ongoing service support.
Time Saving

Save time when rostering and managing personnel by simplifying and automating manual processes.

Easy to Learn

2-4 hours of provided training is all it takes to be competent in the basic use of OPMS.


Scales well with increases in the number of facilities and employees. As you grow, so does your OPMS.


Swiftly navigates between facilities and easily creates data laden reports.


A visual representation of rostering and personnel management to increase visibility and ease of planning.


The vast number of reports able to be generated from OPMS provide many informative insights to better manage personnel.


OPMS can easily develop interfaces to work with your existing payroll, HR and travel booking software.

One Live System

Log into the same live system where changes are applied to all other user sessions, providing certainty that all users are working on the same data.


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