Christmas Time! Lemon Myrtle and Wine!

Dear OPMS Clients, Partners, and Friends,

Is it just us or have we skipped a few months?  It seems only last week I was sending out our quarterly update to everyone and now, here we are at the end of 2018… what’s been happening in the Centre of Perth aka Bassendean I hear you ask?  Read on to find out!

Networking Events

Clayton and Stacey attended the October PCWA networking event.  This event was focussed on the Reconciliation Australia Panel.  Keynote speakers for the evening were Michael Robinson from Woodside, Peter Scicluna from Downer and Danny Ford from Reconciliation WA.  An extremely interesting evening giving us a new perspective on what reconciliation really means within the oil and gas industry and Australia as a whole.

Colin and Matt attended the November PCWA networking event.  This event was an insight into INPEX and the Ichthys LNG Project.  Conor Walker was the keynote speaker on the evening.  Another informative evening held by the PCWA.

More full-timers, a visit to see our new Mascot and the Melbourne Cup

In October, Nathan Iszlaub was offered a full-time job with us.  Nathan has impressed in his short time here with his problem-solving abilities and attention to detail as well as his outstanding moustache attempt during Movember.
A sign of the times that we are expanding, as does our development potential, to keep up with our Client base.  Congrats Nath.

As you all know from our last update, baby Miia has arrived.  We had the pleasure of going to visit our new team mascot in November.  We drove in OPMS convoy down to Fremantle to spend the afternoon with Tiiu and Miia, we had a picnic in the front garden and plenty of cuddles.  Miia got some too.  A couple of us even had the opportunity to change a nappy, the fun never stops!

The race that stops the nation was celebrated by our team this year.  We put on our best racing get-ups, donned our fascinators (some homemade, let’s see if you can figure out which ones..) and partook in some party pies #straya

A good time was had by all and as with any big-ticket race, it was not without its controversies.  Sue (Mrs. OPMS), a blow in on the day, took out the kitty.  There was a best-dressed competition held outside of the actual event resulting in Colin questionably winning Best Fascinator (RIGGED!) and the car park broom horse race between Colin and Max ending in a photo finish with the results still not being in as we’d like to keep our jobs.

We love birthdays (any excuse)

Max managed to almost sneak one past us but luckily Tiiu stepped in to remind us.  We played Happy Birthday in Ukrainian (quite unsuccessfully) via Youtube as our language skills are limited, plenty of office chair karaoke versions were performed.

Matt and Clayton’s birthdays were up next and they are not afraid of a little less conversation, a little more action.  The afternoon’s work was sponsored by the sugar hit provided by the Cheesecake Factory.

Q&A with Gail (formerly TechnipFMC)

Our Q&A for November was with Gail Milne whom many of you will know from her extensive time with Technip both in Aberdeen, Scotland and here in Perth.  We went to Sayers in Leederville for our breakfast catch up and chatted all things oil and gas while enjoying a delicious meal.

Thank you to Gail for sharing her time, depth of knowledge and experience in the industry across many different systems and in various roles.  A few of the many reasons we interviewed her.

You can read the interview on our website:

Q&A with Jochem of P&O

Tiiu did our latest Q&A for December with Jochem Groeneveld, he is both a Super User and Business Improvement Analyst for P&O Maritime.  With a long business history together, this was an interview Tiiu has been excited to do for some time now.  Adding to the business relationship, the two also share a love of books, so any opportunity to discuss the latest good read!

You can read this interview on our website:

Christmas parties, pies and the boat that rocked

Colin and Stacey attended The Travel Authority’s (TTA) Christmas party on Wednesday 28th November held at Bib & Tucker in North Fremantle.  As a lot of our Clients attend this function annually, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with them all outside of work.  An excellent party was thrown by the ladies of TTA, sadly no prizes were won by our team, nevertheless, we shared in the excitement with the winners.

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, our team decided to get festive in a nautical environment this year.  Sue booked the boat, we all ensured we had our best party faces on, and off we sailed into the distance to spend some time chatting about life, sunshine and all things summer.  Miia the Mascot made a cameo appearance with Tiiu, mass excitement ensued.  There was some dancing, a hearty singalong, a nappy change in the storeroom and a lot of belly laughs with fellow passengers.  A wonderful event and a great way to partake in some Christmas Spirit.

Upgrades, developments, and more upgrades – to be released in January 2019

As you all wait patiently for some of our many improvements, we work feverishly in the background to design, test, test, test, shimmy, re-design, test some more to ensure these features and improvements are bullet-proof prior to being rolled out to your live environments.  It is important to us that we are 100% sure that the upgrades will not negatively impact on your day to day business as we are here to streamline workflows, not to create more work for Users.  The reward for your patience is the following:

Travel and Logistics Manager

Dynamic travel statuses – these are now fully customisable by the User, you can create your own specific to your project, site, vessel, company etc.

Logistics Manager – you now have the option to add a Day Tripper to your travel via a button.  This is fast, efficient and accurate as you are able to view both your roster screen and your logistics manager across two screens.

POB Time Selection and template report – POB tracking has now been made easier for the User, we now have the option to select a specific time to include/exclude people we do not wish to see on the report.  As with all of our templates, this is fully customisable so you can change this to suit your needs.


Spell check – we have now included an auto-correct function within your emails (you’re welcome Sarah Lind).

Signature settings clean up – previously, we had the option to send a ‘copy to originator’ or ‘summary to originator’, these have now been replaced by Cc and Bcc options – the sender will be automatically Bcc’d unless de-selected.

Bulk email sender – we now have the functionality, in both the bulk email sender and while emailing POB personnel, to use a signature selector.  Users can set up multiple signatures to be selected dependant on the type of correspondence they are sending out.

Templates – available merge fields for creating templates within emails have now been made more flexible with new fields being added.  This gives the User more flexibility to build relevant templates within their own database.  We now also have an option to set up an email template for training letters.

Global email log – the email log within OPMS now converts to a global list, this means, if a person’s profile is shared across multiple companies within their OPMS, all Users can see the email in their log.  Previously, if a profile was not shared, there was no ability to see what had been sent by another branch of the business when it was in a different ‘Area’, this is no longer the case.

Drag and drop – you can now drag and drop attachments into the body of an email or as an attachment.

Upgrade – 2019

The upgrade, version 6.13, will be rolled out in January.  There are many more improvements and new features included in the next update to assist in making your day-to-day tasks less time-consuming, however, to keep this email to a length that is readable and will not induce a desk-coma, we would rather show you these in person!We look forward to seeing you all in the new year, we are very proud of the work that has been done by our team to create the newest version of our favourite software (no bias here).  We look forward to continuing to work together with our Clients to help their business processes improve and evolve as do their individual industries.  You can’t stop progress!  And why would you want to.

See ya later 2018, looking forward to the new year.

Wishing you all a very merry silly season, surrounded by loved ones with not too many arguments over the bbq.  Remember, sharing is caring.

If you are apart from your friends and family during this time, we are sending you happy thoughts and good vibes.

Stacey Magee
Service Delivery Coordinator