OPMS Onboard With Leading Maritime Group

Safely Piloting vessels in and out of port waters is Argonaut Marine Group’s core business.

Argonaut’s staff are their key asset, ensuring the workforce are in right areas, with the correct qualifications, licences and experience are critical to ensuring the company provides a safe pilotage service for all their clients.

Leading WA-based personnel management specialist OPMS has joined the Argonaut team to ensure all staff are where they should be with the correct verification checks in place. After all, it is the Argonaut front line Pilots that ensure the Oil & Gas supply vessels, cargo ships and tankers all come and go safely from Dampier Port supply Hub in the Pilbara.

Argonaut Marine Group provides marine pilotage services, at 5 locations across the country – Dampier, Onslow, Useless Loop, Cape Preston and Melville Island. Our team of marine pilots ensure our customers commodities and vessels are safely moved in restricted waters.

Established in the Port of Dampier in 2011, Argonaut have conducted in excess of 12,000 marine pilotage operations nationally. They have built a strong reputation for safety, customer centric services, specialising in marine pilotage, vessel transfer operations, new port consultancy and simulation training.

It is critical that Argonaut’s staff are in the correct position when required, with the necessary verification of skills and licences in place at all times. OPMS came on board to help centrally co-ordinate the staff around the country for such a busy company.

For over 17 years WA-based company OPMS has been providing human resources software programmes for the Maritime and Oil & Gas sectors, and more recently, onshore operations.

It is now recognised as one of the most powerful personnel management solutions available.

OPMS stands for Onsite Personnel Management Systems. It is a simple, flexible tool for managing staff and facilities globally. With its excellent rostering and training capabilities, the system is widely used in the resources sector. The software has evolved along with Clients’ requirements.

The OPMS programme was tailored for Argonaut prior to implementation, meaning the company could track staff, schedule travel, devise rosters, ensure workers were appropriately licenced and facilitate education courses.

“Argonaut needed an all-in-one tool for rostering, personnel management along with training and compliance that had the ability to be accessed by all employees from different locations at the same time” said Stacey Magee, Service Delivery Coodinator for OPMS.

“The implementation of the OPMS programme at Argonaut has all gone very smoothly, with a collaborative approach to implement our particular needs. As the company has a strong commitment to sourcing systems locally, it is great that a WA company’s software can manage such a complicated workforce” said Bob Walker, Director of Operations for Argonaut.

OPMS was asked to work with the business after it was recommended by a senior Argonaut employee that had experienced the software when they worked with a different company.

For more information please contact Tiiu Tiisaar, General Manager for OPMS, on 08 6162 9113 or, alternatively, via email tiiu.tiisaar@opms.com.au.