OPMS Creates Personnel Solutions for Key Resource Driller

OPMS Creates Personnel Solutions for Key Resource Driller

Another leading player in the resources industry has recognised the importance of implementing a strong staff management strategy by joining forces with WA-based OPMS.

Platinum Drilling Services, which is about to ramp up projects in the Oil and Gas industry, has brought in OPMS to provide a platform for recruitment and the subsequent management of rostering, compliance and staff travel – all critical factors to the smooth handling of on and off-shore contracts.

For 16 years, Online Personnel Management Systems (OPMS) has been providing staffing resources for the Maritime and Oil and Gas industries.  It is now recognised as one of the most powerful personnel management solutions available.

The new arrangement with Platinum Drilling Services (PDS) again highlights the importance of managing a workforce in remote locations.  They are an independent client-centric project management and rig manpower company building bespoke solutions that deliver safety excellence, economic value and risk mitigation.  PDS speak the language and fully understand the challenges unique to the Oil and Gas industry and therefore know how to best make a difference for clients.

Managing Director, Colin Briede, said OPMS was excited to link with PDS at such an early stage of its new business. “It is great to have a company investing in a good database from the get-go. It’s fundamental for the growth of its employee base and to be ready for any upcoming jobs,” Briede said.

“The early linkage means correct processes can be implemented immediately and staff can get early knowledge of how to use the systems for their long-term benefit.”

PDS has tailored solutions and best-in-class project management strategies that enable upstream companies to get and stay lean yet still be able to provide supplementary talent and services – that is where OPMS comes in.  Ensuring all staff are compliant for their positions, can travel to and from sites at the right times and can be tracked along the way are critical to the PDS operation.

OPMS has developed a billing structure that makes its products accessible for small, medium and large service providers. The OPMS team can tailor a strategy for any sized business.