Our Team Expands Again And So Do Our Ambitions

Dear OPMS Clients, Partners and Friends,

The first quarter of 2018 has definitely been eventful, highlighted by the mix of new OPMS features, various improvement projects and business development opportunities which I've summarized below. One of the more notable is the Corporate Partnership arrangement OPMS has stepped into with Petroleum Club WA. We are proud to support a local not for profit organization and as a bonus get to attend a wide range of industry networking events. I hope to see many of you at the annual PCWA industry ball in June.

OPMS goes to Kuala Lumpur

Earlier in the year we were invited to present OPMS to a couple of companies in Kuala Lumpur. Currently, OPMS is used in four countries (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad) though we've been planning to expand to South-East Asia and Middle East. This opportunity was very well received and we thoroughly enjoyed learning about the business requirements unique to the region. Hopefully you'll see us more in this region.

We expand again...welcome to the team Scott!

I'm very pleased to announce that OPMS has expanded once again, welcome to our team Scott van der Linden! Scott brings an additional 28 years of experience to our software development team. Scott's main focus will be to strengthen OPMS's position in servicing large, multi-national companies across the globe by modernizing and simplifying the software architecture.

Within the next few months, all developers will be involved in this high-stake project, lead by Clayton Johnson. It's of utmost importance to get this right for the future success. No pressure Clayton and the team...

Introducing new features

Our product development focus has remained on introducing features for managing large sites with lots of data. This has of course been primarily driven by the Prelude project, which has presented many new ideas and improvement opportunities.

I'd like to point out these key features, of which all OPMS users can benefit from, pending the system update to OPMS version 6.10:

Sorting personnel in "back to back" order

"Back to back" is a term widely used in resource planning of FIFO workforce. Essentially, when one person signs off, their equivalent (back to back) signs on. In OPMS version 6.10, which will be released shortly, the employee sorting options available have become extremely varied. More notably, users can now arrange personnel in the "back to back" order. Having many flexible options for personnel list sorting makes a big difference when managing large sites.

Roster data daily report

We have learnt that for users who enjoy and are capable of using Excel's data analyzing tools, presenting data in the most raw form possible is extremely handy. We have introduced a very basic report for the day by day roster data, which allows users to get the exact outcome they require from the data. It has quickly become one of my own favorite roster reports and it's a great reminder of how the simplest solutions are often the most effective. We have really gone back to basics with this one and it just makes sense.

Logistics Manager

This module was originally introduced around Christmas, but it  keeps getting better and better. The upcoming version of OPMS introduces more options within the Logistics Manager,such as producing manifests for helicopters, hotels, transfer buses etc., looking up full travel details history for individuals or sites and much more. We are happy that the logistics professionals have a dedicated screen within OPMS where they have all the information they require at hand. The live updates of the total number of passengers and weights are bound to make this module a hit.

A Super User in Spotlight - Emma Fisher, Atlas Professionals

About 4-5 times a year, I do a Q & A session with one of our users. I love taking the time in a casual setting to have chat with the end users and hear about their wins and struggles. This time, I invited Emma Fisher from Atlas Professionals for a lunch. See the interview here
If you'd like to nominate yourself or your colleague for my next interview, please get in touch.


Wishing you all an eventful and productive autumn.

Kind Regards,

Tiiu Tiisaar
General Manager, OPMS