Online Personnel Management Systems

Online Personnel Management Systems Pty Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Perth, Western Australia to develop a specialised personnel management software for the resources sector, with an aim to take complexity out of managing employees across various remote sites.

OPMS simplifies the rostering of your employees through a fast and visual representation and structures your personnel management processes.

Combines industry expertise, technology and ongoing service support.

Responsive to your business requirements. Client feature requests are continuously incorporated into new developments, providing clients with the features required to make their management processes more effective.

Offers a visual representation of all your personnel and their specifics, including availability, certification and personnel information.

Intelligent, easy to use software and maintains currency with relevant legislation and industry changes. 



 Current Clients

Australian Offshore Solutions

BHP Billiton Petroleum


Gardline Australia

Go Marine Group

International Maritime Services

Jan De Nul (Australia)

Kuiper Australia Pty Ltd

Northern Marine Australia

Pacific Tug

P&O Maritime Services

PTTEP Australasia

Skilled Offshore

Smit Lamnalco

Swire Pacific Ship Management

Technip Oceania

Tidewater Marine Services

Toll Marine Logistics